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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I'm the luckiest girl in the world!

On 31st July it was my birthday!! Yay...Even at 36 I get excited about these things! And that was nothing compared to the excitement that was to come!


A talking hamster..A pink DSi..Cool art books..DS games..Girlie stuff..And lots and lots of spending money!!

And from Jacob.. Awesome handmade plushies AND an iPhone4!!!! O.M.G!! I nearly cried!

Meet Maffew..

And Slugwell..

I have the greatest boyfriend in the world *FACT!*

And an amazing family! :) We went to the park in the afternoon to play ball with the newly sports mad Noah!

Then came home for CAKE!!

The other awesome thing was that my 30 day run with scissors journal prompt was a free day! Yay! This gave me the chance to celebrate my birthday in my journal too...

I used the gorgeous cupcake bag that my Mum and Dad gave me my presents in and cut it up to make this collage!

And my super super sweet friend Cuppy dedicated her free page to MY birthday! How cool is that?

Man I love her! ((hugs))

And then on Monday as an extra special treat, Jacob took me out on a Birthday DATE!! Yee we went to the same sushi place we went to on our very first date!

Yay it was awesome.. We held hands..Had bus rides..Lots of fun..Sushi..and a romantic moonlit walk home! I love that boy so much! It was the most wonderful birthday ever...Yay for turning 36, it feels like it's gonna be a good one!


Amanda said...

sounds fabulous! happy belated birthday!

Eleanor said...

Looks like a freaking awesome birthday! Wooooooohooooooo!

Pendientuda said...

Happy birthday!!So funny and pink birthday