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Thursday, 19 August 2010

I love fall the best!

Whenever anyone asks me what my favourite season is, it's always an easy one for me. Because without a doubt its Autumn! Well we call it Autumn here in the UK but I also like the name Fall.. It reminds me of the little quote my Mum would tell be about the clocks changing for British Summer and Winter time..

"Spring forward Fall back!" Cute huh! Well there are so many things I love about this season. I think it's completely inspirational for a start! And now we are at the end of our Summer here I am looking forward to Autumn the most...

It inspired my looking forward to page in my 30 day journal challenge..

It's inspired some of my favourite photographs...

I always have my camera with me and this is a beautiful season for photos in the woods...

So imagine how excited I was this morning when I saw THIS was today's prompt...

Day 25... What is your favorite season? (simple enough eh?)

Well I know I already did a Fall page..But here we go again! You can't have too much of a good thing can you? I just doodled this one!

Oh and also Janel's got a new class coming up..

I heart Fall!

This is a 9 week, online class full of journal prompts to help us document one of the greatest seasons around.
The class will also feature decor ideas and tutorials to get your home ready to welcome fall.
We will also be creating a recipe book where we can store shared recipes that you and your family love and treasure during this season.
There will also be class chats and giveaway thrown in there as well
Class starts on September 13 and will go all of the way until November 13.
All of this for only $25

You can sign up here

Oh my! I'm in! Meet you there guys xxx

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