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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Doodling and a schmoodling..

Phew well I'm certainly keeping myself busy in these school holidays..Loads of creative stuff to be done...

Here's a quick catch up of what Noah and I have been up to with the doodle schmoodle project!

Day 19... The movies!

Well this was super easy for me because all I ever wanted to be was Frenchie from Grease...

As for Noah... He's ready for the bright lights..

Day 20...Don't judge a book by it's cover!
Mine would have to be a colouring book...My life needs colour and creativity!

And of course..Noah's would be a comic book! After all he's gonna be the next Stan Lee! He's always making comics!

Day 21...Through the keyhole..
Welcome to my little world! Hey its grey out there huh? Well it's always sunny here!

As for Noah's.. KEEP OUT!! It's his secret lab!

Day 22..SUMMER!
Here's my Summer and what I love about it..WOW! So much and it's not even my favourite season!

Noah loves Summer too...Time with his family doing fun stuff! Aww this is cute!

Day 23...My stomach!
Is full of butterflies every time i look at that boy! Well I am completely and utterly in love!

As for Noah's..Well it's full of very very funny stuff! Haha this is amazing!

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