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Monday, 16 August 2010

Doodle schmoodle...The last lap!

Well thank goodness it's been the holidays here what with all these fun projects I've been getting on with.. Here's the last lap of the great doodle schmoodle...

Day 24...Well this one was weird! Basically the prompt was this...

I was like..Erm! What to do? But then I thought... You know how I like to put myself in most of my doodles? Well looking at the prompt the only bit that could really be me would be the curly bit in the corner.. This got me to think about those 80's droodles like this...

I used to love that this was supposed to be a Mexican on a bicycle! And that is the inspiration for my doodle schmoodle!

Kitty on a bicycle cycling round the town...

As for Noah's... Well his is hilarious!

Haha...Erm Paul!? What's he doing there?? Made me laugh...

Day 25...By the sea..

Here's the prompt..

Mine was easy because I always feel happiest by the sea at any time of year. I love it in the sunshine because we get to go here..

Perfect huh!?? Not another soul in sight! Just the way I like it... I also love the beach in the rain and cold in the winter. That's when I like to buy fish and chips and curl up watching the storm....Things like this make me happy!!! I truly believe I used to be a mermaid!

Noah's is super cute Nemo style! Haha look at all the awesome fish!

Haha look at Jacob and Noah as fish! And ALL the little fish are AMAZING! He was very very busy with this one!!


Oooh I loved this one! I adore polaroid pictures.. I used to love my old polaroid camera. Sadly I no longer have it but here is my dream camera..

YES! It's a Christmas list placement for sure! But until then...I'm playing with my iPhone polaroid apps!

And...Doodling polaroid pictures is awesome fun too. Here's mine..

And here's Noah's!

So sweet! He's adorable huh?

Day 27... Fav words!

Well...I LOVE words! I went back to adult education recently and took an English class. Yes I love English..Creative writing is my favourite and I even wrote this story as my final piece! It was such fun to do. If I was on a desert island, the book I would take would be a thesaurus! And scrabble..It's my favourite game hands down! So with this in mind..

Here's my doodle..

And Noah's

Awww I just LOVE how he used my word GUSTO!!! Hahaha I tell him it's all about going for it and giving it some GUSTO!!!

Day 28...House

Here's the prompt..

Down at the little pink house...
Welcome to my wonderland!!

Inspired by Alice in wonderland and this awesome video for Gwen Stefani's What you waiting for?

Harajuku fashion..Alice in wonderland..GWEN STEFANI!! Complete coolness!

And Noah's....The home of KITTYPINKSTARS CREW!!

Awesome! I'm glad he's in my gang! And so glad he thinks I'm a cool Mum!!
This is so detailed I am so impressed! We all have our little rooms...Even the cats!

Day 29...Hair today gone tomorrow!

Here's the prompt..

And here's what I did..

I turned it upside down and used the nose as a bird..This set me off with loads of birds. I back comb my hair A LOT! Who knew it was such a birds nest huh?

Oh and Noah!

Well his dream hair would be GREEN!!! Cool huh!!?

Day 30...The final day.. V dub!
Here's the prompt...

Here's mine... Kitty and Noah fly off together for their next adventure!

And here's Noah's awesome doodle! Seriously he's too good at this huh!!??

Thank you so much Betty's Place

it's been a super fun project and has kept us out of trouble for 30 days! Haha now off to find another adventure!!!

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LivKit said...

Beautiful! Noah actually inspired me to do the doodle schmoodle .. but I am a bit late. Come to my blog and see the award I have for you!