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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Doodle schmoodle week 3

Yippeeee.. We're still doodling! Yee I love this doodle schmoodling!

Here's what Noah and I have been up to in week 3..

Doodle prompt 15..The aliens are coming!

Here's mine..

Inspired by my big love of E.T and the feeling that I don't fit in here and I come from the moon!!

And Noah's..

Is just AMAZING!!! I love the little spaceships with us all in and the little green men! he has a wonderful imagination!

Doodle prompt 16...Bottle

Here's my bottle...

Kitty's magic daydream mixture! Go on...Try some... Live the daydream!! If I could bottle my crazy over active imagination and dreams I'd make a million and maybe finally get some sleep!

And Noah's...

Haha I love how many times he's said the word secret! And the little tiny him hanging
around in the bottle! Super cute!!

Doodle prompt 17...Scaredy cat

Here's mine...

Well this was easy for me... The one thing I am completely and utterly TERRIFIED of is caterpillars!!!! I can't stand them...They scare me nearly to death.. I will run away and not venture into the garden for days!

Ok...You can all laugh at me now!

As for Noah....

Well he's scared of spooky stuff! Aww haha well I guess it makes sense!!

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