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Monday, 2 August 2010

Doodle schmoodle catchup!

Whoops I got bad at blogging again for a moment there.... Sorry! Well I have actually been keeping up with the doodle schmoodle challenge, and amazingly so has Noah! Here are the days I haven't shared with you...

Doodle prompt 11.. Today I

Went to the wish tree..made a special wish and hoped for it to come true! I kept it a secret so it would work..And I crossed my fingers and toes!!

Noah did the same thing.. But squeezed a few more things into his doodle! I love the football shirts and shields!

Doodle prompt 12.. Flowers.. The day before my birthday and I wanted all my friends to feel as happy as me. So these flowers are for you all!

Noah's were birthday flowers for me! How cute??

Doodle prompt 13..Speechless! This one was about speech bubbles. I certainly was speechless because today was my birthday and I got the most awesome presents. I am so so so lucky!!!

Noah's one was funny! You see he bought me a chatimal (a talking hamster that copys what you say!) So he used that for inspiration...I love this one!

Doodle prompt 13.. Postcard! This one reminded me of a postcard I made for jacob when we lived apart. He's been working a lot of nights lately and I kinda feel the same sometimes as I did then... I miss him! my postcard is inspired by that feeling!

Noah's is him on a desert island with all his things relaxing and wishing we were there..Yeah right! haha.

Phew! Quick catch up... I will be more organised this week I promise.. Thanks for stopping by guys!!


Stephanie ;) said...

I love your doodles! so amazing! I like how Noah's always inspired by yours. so cute~ :)

KooKoo said...

so cute!