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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Crazy for hipstamatic..

As much as I love Boris.. My Nikon D60 YES you heard right...I love him! I cried my eyes out when I got him at Christmas 2 years ago from my Mum and Dad!
Here check out our love.....

I take him everywhere with me...He's so awesome! he made me realise how much fun taking photos could be..

But then came my Birthday and my new iPhone4 Oooh yes! I was hysterical again when Jacob gave me this.. And then I downloaded the hipstamatic application!

Woo hoo! A new obsession..I just love the John S lens! Here look at the fun I've had!

I am totally in love with the effects! It is so cool to see the same places I regularly photograph but in a completely different way! It gives everything a spooky feel. I can't wait for Halloween...The pictures are gonna be coooool!

Hey check this out..Even Santa's been getting in on the act for his 365!

Yay go Santa! And for more of his antics go check out his flickr set! You get to see what he does on this days off! All 364 of them! :)

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