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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

55 Things!

Hey guys...Well I'm still busy with the 30 day run with scissors journal with a cause project. Here are a couple of the latest prompts..

Day 20..The prompt.. 5 Things!! This journal challenge is all about using 5 different things that are just laying around. These five items can be supplies, tools, pen colors, whatever. I want you to find 5 things that are sitting out and can be used for a project such as this. Don't go to your supply stash and dig out the five most perfect things, use what is already out, challenge yourself!! The prompt is up to you. This is more of a challenge then a prompt today :)

Yes I know it might look like I collected these things especially but I actually had the kitten on my lap as I read the blog so didn't move at all! I just leaned over the arm of the seat and grabbed..

A balloon from my Birthday last week
Some cool tape that I was sent as a free gift
A fab heart shaped post it note
A little ribbon bow
And a little Keri smith guerrilla artist prompt from my secret box! This was telling me to make a list of ways I escape....So I made the list and stuck it in!!

Everything here is PINK! There's just no getting away from it!

Day 21...The prompt..What are 50 random facts about you? This is a great page because you are documenting some random facts about you at this time in your life. I'm sure this one will be a fun page to look back on some day :)

1. I am scared of caterpillars (Really terrified!)
2. I really don't like raisins
3. My favourite colour is PINK! (Who knew huh?)
4. My favourite food is pancakes
5. At the zoo I love the capybaras best (I can't leave until I've seen them!)
6. I love rodents (lots)
7. I think I used to be a mermaid
8. I am at home by the sea
9. I am 5ft 7" tall (I always used to want to be smaller and cute!)
10. I love the counting crows best (My fave band ever and my soundtrack!)
11. I love to doodle every day
12. I have anxiety (I'm getting better..slowly)
13. I am really shy (until I know you)
14. My favourite season is Autumn
15. I am really happy!
16.I love Etsy and ALL handmade
17. I love to take photographs (all the time of everything)
18. Noah is my greatest creation (being a Mum is the best job in the world)
19. Jacob is my soulmate I adore him (I am so lucky)
20. My cats are my best friends
21. I am a crazy cat lady
22. I bite my nails like a masochist
23. I daydream ALL the time
24. I could fall asleep ALWAYS
25. BUT I am full of energy
26. I collect toys
27. I am full of contradictions
28. I am addicted to pens
29. I live in my pink converse (neon)
30. I love hot food (VERY VERY HOT)
31. I love puzzles
32. I love walking
33. I want adventures
34. I'm a guerilla artist
35. I enjoy geocaching (Yay for treasure hunts!)
36. I love wave watching
37. I love cloud watching
38. I love people watching
39. I have lots of hobbies (not enough time)
40. I love to make stuff
41. I love nature
42. I get jealous (I can't stop myself)
43. When I get down I get DOWN!
44. But I think I'm kinda funny
45. I'd love to bake rainbow cakes
46. I'd like to be a good cook
47. I have the greatest family
48. I'd go crazy without the internet
49. I am never ever bored!!!
50. I love to make people smile

Random enough? This was fun to write.. But now I keep thinking of more so maybe I'll make another list..Who knows!?

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