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Friday, 27 August 2010

30 days of me day 8

Today is all about goals.. Short term goals for this month and why..

Well these are for September because there are only 4 days left of this month and I plan on getting lots of rest before the back to school rush!

So here they are...

Work extra hard on my zombies! Because Halloween is getting near!

Keep up with my journalling when my class starts! Because I want to make new friends!

Journal every day! Because it's good for me..It's my therapy!

Save money! Because I need more and having fun for free is creative and imaginative!

Decorate Noah's room! Because he needs a more grown up look, wow is he really 9!??

Set up a geocaching adventure of our own! Because I want to make it arty and fun!

Learn a new fact every day! because i wish I was a little smarter!

Bake rainbow cupcakes! Man..Do I even need a reason!!??

And get some early nights...It'll be getting colder and I want to snuggle up!


Lost Star said...

Some great goals in there! Have fun decorating! I'm sure it will look fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Love your goals!
It is so funny, rainbow cupcakes is on my goals for September also, or more accurately, my '18 before 19' list!!