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Saturday, 21 August 2010

30 days of me day 2!

The meaning behind your blog name..

Well the reason I chose Kittypinkstars is..

Kitty.. Because I am a crazy cat lady! I adore cats.. My retirement dream is to open a rescue home for kitties! I love love love them. My cats are my best friends!

Pink! Haha guessed it yet? Well obviously because PINK is my favourite colour.. My house is pink.. I collect pink stuff..I only EVER wear pink! But be warned I am NO BARBIE! I'm a total tomboy! I like to think of myself as candyfloss.. Fluffy and sweet but tough and neon too! :)

Stars.. Well thats what I'm shooting for and making my wishes on whilst I'm on my way to the moon...Maybe the moon is where I belong..

So there you go guys...That's me day 2 xxx

Oh and Cartoon girl in a real world! Well I look in the mirror and see a cartoon character! I've never been one of those hot girls.. I'm a kinda funny little thing. Maybe it's just living where I do but people don't seem to get me. I don't mind though.. Yep it's true I'm in a real world but I'm still a cartoon character. I like it that way!


Anonymous said...

never mind shooting for the stars, you are a little star down here. you twinkle for all your friends and cheer us all up. xxx

Charlotte said...

you are so cute. i love the name kittypinkstars. it rolls off the tongue so well!

Treehugger_31 said...

Your blog always makes me smile. I love your kitties. I'm a crazy cat lady too!

Cari Lin said...

I love those photos of you squished in with your cat. Ha! Your outfits are out-of-this-world perfect.

I understand about none of your neighbors "getting you." I like to take my husband's stuffed elephant outside for little pink tea parties, to make lace hammocks for him out in the yard, decorate my bicycle, and go for walks with balloon happy sticks. I think my yuppie neighbors think I'm crazy. Oh well, it's fun!

Stay young and funkittypinkstars and keep posting about your adventures!