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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

30 day journal challenge..Journalling for a cause week 2

I'm starting by saying hello August and goodbye July! YOU WERE AWESOME!!

And here are the prompts I've been working on this week...

Journal prompt 7...What are you thankful for? I try to make a list like this in my head, daily. That may sound over the top but it's true. It is sooo important to reflect on all of the good things in your life. Somedays are obviously harder than others so this will be a great page to look back on when things just seem to be down in the dumps.

I am really thankful for so much..I guess I just forget it sometimes. I loved making this list though and am going to look at it regularly!

Journal prompt 8...The prompt... What are your "go to" clothes. There are certain items of clothing that I gravitate to for sure. I think that our "go to" clothes kind of define who we are and what we are comfortable with!

Mwahahahaha...FINALLY!!! I am a paper doll!! Haha

journal prompt 9...If they were to write a book about you, what would the cover look like?? I thought this was a really cool idea and really fun!! What would the cover of your biography look like? Who would it be written by??

Well it would be called Candyfloss contradictions... One girls cartoon life in a real world! With all this pink people think I'm bound to be a Barbie! Nah.. I'm a tomboy in a bow!

I think if it wasn't written by me it would have to be written by Jacob! He knows me better than I know myself!

Journal prompt 10... I don't know about you buy I love list!! Lists make me really happy :) Today I would like you to create a list that somehow deals with books! It can be a list of your all time favorite books, books you want to read in your lifetime, the worst books ever, anything!!

I love books but I really need to read more! And as for lists!!! I ADORE THEM.. I really love making lists in funny doodle ways so this ones on a pile of books! I loved this page!

And I've just downloaded The diving bell and the butterfly onto my iPhone! I've wanted to read it for ages...So watch this space!

Journal prompt 11...What are three things that you absolutely could not live without??

Well these are the material things....

My new iPhone...A journal and pens!!
There are lots of things I need that are also listed.. But these are the objects of desire!

Journal prompt 12...How was your day today? What did you do? Today's prompt is to document your day any way that you choose! Have fun!!

Well today was a rainy colder day.. I went to the woods with Noah for an adventure..Did lots of crafting and doodling...Watched My neighbour totoro...watched the rain...drank lots of tea and generally curled up! I wanted to make a collage for this one because I love choosing pictures that fit well together and suit my mood...This collection summed up the day really really well! A lovely memory page!

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