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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

30 day journal challenge.. The last few days!

Well I can't believe that 30 days have gone by so fast! But I guess it's true what they say.. Time flies when you're having FUN!! And I've certainly been having lots and lots of that!

So here you are...The last few days..

Day 26... The prompt...What are some lessons you have learned through this journal class? Have you grown as a person? Have you grown in your journalling?

Journalling has helped me more than you could ever imagine! I will do this forever!!

Day 27... The prompt.. Today I want you to create your journal page using a different medium than what you are used to using :) Search your studio/craft spaces and challenge yourself to try something new!!

Well for me it had to be paint! Because out of all the different mediums it's the one I am least confident with!!

Day 28...The prompt... Today I want you to start thinking about goals for September! Five goals that are completely do-able!

Ok so I did 10! But I can do these NO PROBLEM!!!

Day 29...The prompt...Should you be doing something different right now? why or why not.

I should be making plans and dreaming BIG!!

Day 30...The prompt...Today's prompt is to write a closing statement to your journal. Whether this is the last page of your journal or the end of this "JFAC" chapter, how do you wish to end it. It can be a congratulatory page to yourself, it can be a thank you to someone in the class who has done something above and beyond with encouraging words, or it can be a simple statement!

I drew me and Janel because I think she's amazing giving us this wonderful opportunity. I want to give hug a massive hug and go for a milkshake with her!

The other bit is a letter to Janel to express how grateful I am for this wonderful creative experience and to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!!

This has been the most amazing experience! Thank you so much Janel...I'm so ready for the next class on 13th September.. Sign up for your spot here and join in all the fun!!!

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