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Friday, 2 July 2010

Write a love letter to the one you adore!

Well I was thinking about the 19 months I've been with my lovely Jacob and remembering the start when we only got to see each other on a Sunday.. Sunday fundays we called them and he'd come over early on the bus to see me and my little Noah! We were friends for the first few months and then we had a wonderful date and realised we had fallen in love!

This was when we started writing weekly letters to each other...Because once a week is not enough time with the one you love, so it gave us something else to look forward to!
This was really exciting for me too because I love getting snail mail and writing letters was a really fun challenge for me... So I started..

Hah well they're letters from me after all so the envelopes were never gonna be normal!

The backs are crazy too....

And as for the letters... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I am just lucky I met my soul mate huh? He understands my craziness and totally appreciates it!

So my trick is to write the letter in lots of little notes and then write the notes on funny little shapes..I wrote on a hand shape to represent how we love to hold hands and I was missing him! And on the sea..clouds and even breakfast plates because of all the things we love to do together!

If you are stuck for inspiration.. I found this amazing book too..

This book has a lot of cute and crazy letters in all kinds of styles...It's really fun. Some are silly, some are sad but it's a really interesting read, perfect coffee table book.

Here are some of my favourites..

And just in case you thought all this lovey letter business was bound to come to an end when he moved in.....

You'd be wrong!

Write someone you love a fun letter... You won't regret the adventure!


Flame said...

I envy that so much.

My soul mate is lost. He is under the impression that he doesn't want to be with me any more.

Writing the letter would make him and me hurt.

Keep hold of him tight and never let go.

(I am Christa btw - was friends with Mike when he was with Urs)

Tinder said...

have you ever seen these?
Am amazed you have the time to write letters! With Shawn in the US for so long I wrote loads. he.. didn't write so much. I love love letters.

Ruth Cahill in NZ said...

Love love your love letters - you are so darn arty and talented :-) Receiving one of your letters would gaurantee a smile on the receivers face. I tried leaving a comment on flikr but it wouldn't let me so I'm here instead lol. Love all your journal pages aswell - my last page in my journal was inspired by yours and if I get my ass round to it I'll upload a pic. Oops maybe I should have written you a letter cos I sure am rambling - hehe sorry.
Oh on flikr I am Roo2007 cos I don't use my blog anymore
Anyway stopping right now....:-)

Anonymous said...

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