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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Doodle schmoodle week 1

Well hey I love to doodle huh? And so does my boy Noah.. In fact at 9 years old I think his drawing is remarkable and not just because I'm his Mum! Anyway I heard about another little challenge going on so decided to take it up..After all there's another week before Janel's challenge starts so I decided to take up doodle schmoodle and even better Noah decided to take it up with me!

Day 1 Me Me Me

Here's the prompt..

Here's mine

Here's Noah's

Day 2 My pirate self..

Here's the prompt..

Here's mine..Kitty cross bones and my kitty cat crew!

Here's Noah's... Love this so much! His imagination went crazy!

Day 3 Hobbytastic!

Here's the prompt..

Here's mine...I LOVE hobbies! I have so many but here's my top 4!

Here's Noah's..He keeps himself busy huh?

Day 4 Frames
The prompt..

Frames make me think of family portraits!
So here's mine..

Noah's family portraits.. I love how he was inspired by mine!

Day 5 I dream of..
Here's the prompt..

And of course for me it has to be...that lovely lovely Jacob! I am completely smitten!

Noah dreams of winning a football trophy and making me proud! Eek this is so cute!

Day 6 I'm so clever!
The prompt..

Well not really I just think I'm really really lucky!!

Noah's so clever because he makes FANTASTIC comics!!

Day 7 Patchwork life!
The prompt..

WOW! I was completely excited about this one! Loved doing it!
Here's mine...

I liked how it looked in black and white so I took a picture to remember..

Then I coloured it.. I loved doing this page!

And Noah's is gorgeous..

WOW! Noah's doing well at this...I gotta work hard!!

Oh and also I took part in the scribble project. This was great fun... Go try it for yourself!

Here's the sheet you print off..

And here's my version...

ANY excuse to doodle the day away!!!


Emma said...

Oh, these are cool! Now, I've got to check out these fun projects... :)

Flame said...

9?!!?! He can't be 9!!!! He is definitely about 4.

{is decided}

Altered Angels Attic said...

I'm loving seeing all your great doodles recently! Congrats on selling your couples doodle, well done you! I linked to you today in my blog, hope that's ok? Thought I should tell you.