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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Comic book fun..

Yay! Day 10 of the doodle schmoodle challenge and it was Noah's favourite kind.. Well mine too really. It was a comic strip page! You see when I started dating my lovely Jacob I drew him a little comic about our romance. It was super cute!

So... Inspired by this comic and wanting to re live some of those cute memories I decided to base todays doodle on this. Oh and listening to this song again..

It's been a while but reminds me of how we got together!

Here's mine..

Oh and as for Noah!! Well...

He saves the day from a crazed evil hotdog with the powers of CHOMP!! Haha of course I don't know what else I expected.. My boy is AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Doodle schmoodle your inner animal!

Today was a really fun prompt..If I were an animal what would I be?? Hmm... Haha no need to even think about it..Of course I'd be a CAT!

After all who wouldn't want to lounge about in the sunshine all day play with anything that sparkles and always have somewhere to curl up and someone to tickle your belly. You don't own a cat, a cat picks you to be its friend. I feel blessed to have my feline pals!




And my beautiful Sneaky to I sadly had to say goodnight to 19th January this year..
I was truly blessed that she picked me to be her best friend. And not a day goes by when I don't think about her.

And as for Noah... Well He was inspired by our little friend Rosie..

He wants to be a hamster..

Because life is like one big theme park! Haha... I always love his way of thinking! This one is really really cool! Aww pets where would we be without them!??

Monday, 26 July 2010

Doodle schmoodle week 2

Wow that first week flew by! AND amazingly Noah and I kept up perfectly. So today we were ready for day 8.

Doodle prompt 8 Where I like to go..

I chose the magic land in my daydreams..Complete with candyfloss clouds and candy trees.

Noah chose his secret lab! Haha I love his lab plans, he has so many grand ideas and is always doing these little lab doodles..Cool huh!?

I love these prompts..Join in the doodle fun at Betty's Place and check out everyones versions of the daily themes in the flickr pool. I think its so interesting to see what everyone does! Ah and being the school holidays I have so much more time for this fun... Just as well with two 30 day projects on the go! Happy doodling!!

Journalling with Janel for a cause..

Yay!! Another 30 day challenge..Wooo! This one is with Janel again. This time it's a little more special because the cause is adoption and every one who paid a little amount to take part in this class helped a little bit towards this cause!

So I want to start by wishing Janel the best in this awesome adventure and to thank her for allowing me to be a part of it!

And here is day 1 of the journalling adventure...

Prompt number 1 Welcome.... Since today is the first day of the class, I wanted to start our journals with a "Welcome" page. I want you to include a little blurb with five adjectives explaining your life right now as well. So, it will go something like this:
Welcome to my ______,______,_______,_______, ______ life.

Well guys... My life is happy..magic..crazy..creative and ever so colourful! That colour is PINK!!

I decided to doodle my page, A because I love to doodle and B because I didn't have any very inspirational background to use for a collage!

I was inspired by the glow that comes from my little pink house when I open the door! Haha the postmen freak! But no matter how grey the world is its always candyfloss sunny here.. Stop by have a cuppa or just leave a comment to say hi! I'm trying to be a better blogger and these prompts are helping me so much!

Day 2...The prompt.. I am a huge fan of writing out my goals, short term and long term. I thought it would be appropriate to have some journaling goals for ourselves too!! What are your goals for your journaling?

Mine are to have fun and keep up every day!

Day 3...Today is all about altering a repeat image :) Copy an image, or images, multiple times using a copy machine, or scanner and print the images in black and white. Use different writing tools to alter your images in many different styles.

This one was a tricky one for me.. I'm not great at doodling over pictures. But what better image than our halloween spook trek shots! Woooooh *insert spooky noise here!* These images are truly terrifying! I think it's good for me to step out of my comfort zone with my journalling.. This one didn't really inspire me but I stuck with it and I pat myself on the back!

Here's the original photo...We are so silly!

Day 4...The prompt..The prompt.. What does happiness mean to you?? You can write about it, doodle it, take a picture of it, paint it, or anything. Whatever makes you "happy":)

I chose this awesome fabric and then decided to just write the things that make me happy...No doodling today, there's just too much to be happy about!

Day 5...The prompt..The prompt... Todays prompt is "It's all in the details..." I think adding the details to something really make it special and from the heart!! You can choose to interpret that in any way :) I chose to focus on all of the little details that make my home really special. It may be little details that you add to your art to make it yours. It could be little details like freckles or dimples that make you so special. Just think about it!!

I went with my home...After all there are lots of little details and I think it's pretty special!!

So...Welcome into my little world...

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Doodle schmoodle week 1

Well hey I love to doodle huh? And so does my boy Noah.. In fact at 9 years old I think his drawing is remarkable and not just because I'm his Mum! Anyway I heard about another little challenge going on so decided to take it up..After all there's another week before Janel's challenge starts so I decided to take up doodle schmoodle and even better Noah decided to take it up with me!

Day 1 Me Me Me

Here's the prompt..

Here's mine

Here's Noah's

Day 2 My pirate self..

Here's the prompt..

Here's mine..Kitty cross bones and my kitty cat crew!

Here's Noah's... Love this so much! His imagination went crazy!

Day 3 Hobbytastic!

Here's the prompt..

Here's mine...I LOVE hobbies! I have so many but here's my top 4!

Here's Noah's..He keeps himself busy huh?

Day 4 Frames
The prompt..

Frames make me think of family portraits!
So here's mine..

Noah's family portraits.. I love how he was inspired by mine!

Day 5 I dream of..
Here's the prompt..

And of course for me it has to be...that lovely lovely Jacob! I am completely smitten!

Noah dreams of winning a football trophy and making me proud! Eek this is so cute!

Day 6 I'm so clever!
The prompt..

Well not really I just think I'm really really lucky!!

Noah's so clever because he makes FANTASTIC comics!!

Day 7 Patchwork life!
The prompt..

WOW! I was completely excited about this one! Loved doing it!
Here's mine...

I liked how it looked in black and white so I took a picture to remember..

Then I coloured it.. I loved doing this page!

And Noah's is gorgeous..

WOW! Noah's doing well at this...I gotta work hard!!

Oh and also I took part in the scribble project. This was great fun... Go try it for yourself!

Here's the sheet you print off..

And here's my version...

ANY excuse to doodle the day away!!!