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Monday, 7 June 2010

And the results are..

Wooo! So I made the tickets..Put them in my special bag... Mixed them up really well and then... Picked 5 numbers....

And the winners are..357...343...371....1 and 145!

CONGRATULATIONS! Your new buddies will be on their way to you this week!

Thanks to everyone who entered .. I had lots of numbers. And if you didn't win this time..Don't worry.. There will be more giveaways and promos in the future.

If you haven't become a fan.. Head over to Kittypinkstars and click like! Then you'll be in the loop for any special offers!

1 comment:

WILLIE...! said...

Ciao Buon Giorno......!
Wow, there's me think'in l was the one in the PINK.
And, gett'in treatment for it....!
Lovely Blog, great their any other colour, but PINK!
My Blog is just a personal one a friend did for me 18 mths ago, though it's had over 4,000 viewers, god knows who....FBI l think.....! Lovely... :0).