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Friday, 31 December 2010

It's been a while...

Hey guys..Sorry I vanished for a bit but when my Dad got ill I forgot to keep up with anything. So here I'll try and fill you in on what's been happening. Firstly we got my Dad's test results and yes the cancer is aggressive and severe but hasn't spread, so in the circumstances it was as good a news as we could expect. Dad is really upbeat and starts radiotherapy in the new year. We're all staying really positive for him so all I ask is that you guys can keep him in your thoughts and help to send magical wishes his way! I've promised Dad I won't panic in the new year..Well said I'll try my best! In fact it was a phone call with Dad that made me get a move on and get in the festive spirit. He got his results and said "Christmas starts here!"

And it did.. On 1st December we got snow! How perfect? And in fact for down here pretty much unheard of, however I do remember the snow when I was 3! It was so bad that my Dad had to lift me out of the kitchen window!

Then..I put our tree up! We only had room for a little one this year due to Ethel's mammoth tank! But I think it's lovely! Small but perfectly formed! And it made me feel all festive glowing from the corner of the room!

Then I did some festive doodles and mini plushies for my overseas sisters Lindsay and Cuppy..

And then...WOW! It was our anniversary!! Jacob and me.....2 whole years! Can you believe it?? I did him a doodle and stitched him a funny little squidhead plush, I love that boy so so much!

And as for me?? Well Jacob wrote me a love letter! I just adore letters! In fact I love anything cute and creative.. A thoughtful handmade gift means the world!

Well..Then..Before you could even say Ho ho ho! The big red guy was delivering Christmas pressies!!

Christmas WAS HERE!!!

I got some awesome presents..

Jacob got me loads of cool stuff! Including...DRUM ROLL!! THE UNICORN COSTUME!!!!

Then it was off to Mum and Dad's for Christmas lunch!

And Dad's Annual firestarting extravaganza that is the Christmas indoor fireworks display!! Wooooo! I love it!

Go DAD! You rule!!

In fact Christmas this year was so magical that I made Mum and Dad a thank you poster hilighting a few of my favourite bits!

THEN... It was Happy New Bears Eve!!

I got a new hat!! And it was time to get ready to ring out the old..

Soooo.. Along with Jacob and Noah I headed off to the beach for our Annual New Years Eve fish and chips on the sand watching the waves..

Check out the amazing rainbow coloured beach huts! How beautiful?

We took silly tourist photos on the pier

And I posed in true Cuppy style in homage to her awesome photo and the fact that we are not only coat but umbrella twins!

Hah! Look I even did a doodle of it!...

Anyway then we headed home.. I dressed as a unicorn. Noah dressed as a tiny wolf and the three of us played Wii party and Rock band 3! Bring on the Pearl Jam set!!

Then it was time to say goodbye to 2010...

With Santa's last 365 photo! Phew it's been a crazy year..Lots of sad times..Loads of worry but lets not forget all the good times too! I had lots of fun..Met some amazing people and discovered some interesting things even about myself!

In fact one of the most amazing things that happened to me in the year was that I actually started to sell my doodles! People actually like them and want them on their walls..They make people smile and that's all I really wanted!

So take it away Santa!!

And if you wanna know what a year in my life looks like....

Well here you go..

A mixture of emotions but ALWAYS full of fun and lots of colour!

Happy New Year guys...Here's to 2011!

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Colour me a rainbow..

I love rainbows..No I adore them! For me they are the ultimate symbol of positivity!
They make me happy and give me hope...

Right now I've come to a point in my life where I really need more positivity than EVER before! I need hope and something to believe in.

So to keep me busy I've started a rainbow project. I am going to take a different colour photograph for every day of the week..

Monday RED

Tuesday ORANGE

Wednesday YELLOW

Thursday GREEN

Friday BLUE

Saturday PURPLE

Sunday PINK

I thought it would be fun and interesting to do..I love to find the magic in every day things and I thought to find a rainbow the same way would be magical!

Anyway.. I wondered if any of you guys would like to join me for the ride? So I started a flickr group.. Kitty's rainbow weeksI'd just love it if you joined in..It would mean the world to me!

Oh and before I go..Here's a few rainbow inspired doodles I've done in the last week.. I haven't done much but wished and doodled..I'm happy with these though..I'm going to put them in my Etsy shop I think!

Never stop wishing...There's magic at the end of that rainbow!!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Make me happy...

Even my great positivity is sometimes tested to its limits..And never more so than when I am worried about someone I love!

So to keep me looking on the sunny side..These things always help..

Clouds.. I adore them! I could spend hours just watching them float around in the vast blue sky. I just want to bounce on them! This one was my favourite in the sky on Sunday!

Rainbows.. They are the ultimate symbol of positivity for me! I dream of the magic at the end..Rainbows rule!

Sunsets.. The happiest moments happen at sunset! Nothing to hurry about..Relax and enjoy the sun fall away. Even better surrounded by people you love!

My wishing tree.. I started this tree over a year ago now in my local woods. I tend it regularly but when I don't manage to get there for a while I am always blown away by how complete strangers have kept it going and tidied it up.. Even brought new pens! It's a magical place to be...You really believe that dreams and wishes come true when you stand here. And right now I need to believe!

Doodling.. I am by no means a great artist, but I love to doodle! I feel blessed that I can do this because it helps me in my journalling to get out how I am feeling.. I am also enjoying writing lately but doodling will always be my first love!

My Dad was taken into hospital last week and I am so very worried about him. He has had lots of tests and we are just keeping everything crossed for him! They have managed to get his kidneys working again and he has been for a biopsy today so it's just a waiting game.

I did this doodle for him to brighten up his hospital room..

He loved it!!

It was based on a favourite picture of the two of us..

So I'm going to keep believing..keep wishing and keep being silly..It's all I know to do.. Can you just do the same for me please guys!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Lets get silly!!

Hey guys..Just a little catch up of an online class I did recently, hosted by Carla Sonheim ... The art of silliness!

It was a 30 day class in which you printed off a sheet a day and let your silly side go crazy! It was a chance for me to have some fun and also learn some new skills along the way!

So here you have my completed sheets...

WOW! What a silly 3o days huh!!?? Anyway I was so lost without this silly bit of fun in my day so I headed over to Carla's Etsy shop And bought the 30 PDF sheets from her first class! Buy yours here

So if you need a bit of silly in your life...Head over to Carla's shop and lets have some fun!!