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Thursday, 3 September 2009

The end of summer SLAM!!!

Hey guys... Well it was exactly a week ago when I took this self portrait..

Yep I was a tired little Kitty... I'd stayed up late sewing and watching the Summer Slam wrestling!! And I finally reaslised what all the fuss was about! I LOVED IT!!!

Heck it even gave me inspiration for a new project and some new fun creations.. So I started doodling up some ideas...

Yee hee... I liked how this was going so that evening I got to work with some felt and made...

The Pink Mist...

Real name...Terry Doobly

His Theme tune is Danger zone (by Kenny Loggins)

His signature move is...The fog!!

Yes! I had so much fun making little Terry that I went on to make him some wrestling friends...

Angry Fire ... AKA Rocky Rouge

His Theme tune is Fire (by the crazy world of Aurthur Brown!)

And his signature move is... The burn out!!

Le Frog ... AKA Grenwell Vert

His theme tune is... Frog Chorus (by Paul Mc Cartney)

And his signature move is... The frogsmash!!

Big Daddy Lightning... AKA Thor Reynolds

Theme tune.. Ride the lightning (by Metallica)

Signature move.. The thunderclap!

Nimble Stratus... AKA Henry Bobblesworth

His theme tune is... Bouncing off clouds (by Tori Amos)

His signature move is... The Swift Cloud!

The Larey Lemon...AKA Jez Peel!

His theme tune is ...The Lemon Song (by Led Zepplin)

His signature move is... The big squeeze!

So now you've met the guys!! Here's our promo shoot picture!! I even made myself a mask for the occasion!

So here it is... Officially introducing ... Kitty's little luchas!!

From left to right.. Say hello to.. Angry Fire.. Le Frog.. Big Daddy Lightning.. The Pink Mist.. The Leery Lemon and Nimble Stratus!!

Oh and the one at the back.. Kitty-Crazy cat-Pinkstars!!

Me and the guys.. Wrestling fever!!

Happy Self portrait Thursday everyone!!!

Kitty's little lucha's in my etsy shop very very soon.... Each will come in its own bag with a laminated art card!! XX