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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Happy Thursday!!

YES!! The sun is out!!! Summer is here.... Happy sunny self portrait Thursday guys!

Oh and to catch up on a few silly self portrait Thursday pictures.. Here we go..

Me and you And everyone we know!

Kitty does a Christine! Man I love this movie.... Miranda July is my HERO!!

Learning to skate!! Haha yep so Jacob bought me this skateboard!! Seriously how amazing is he??? Now I just have to balance :)

Kitty is confused... So is it Winter or Spring? I need to know so I can accessorise correctly!

So.... You know how it goes...You make yourself a lamb costume for Spring and you wake up only to find its raining! BAAAAAAH! I am not a happy lamb... Here's a sneak preview though! When the sun comes out you may even get to check out my tail!! :)

Yep so I love flying saucers....It's a lifetime love that just wont quit!!

Hold me closer tiny dancer!

Having a quiet read with little Jacob!

He's well into this Philip K. Dick read!
whilst I'm more of a manga girl!

NEW COMIC DAY!!!! Kitty and Kitty check out the latest in our new issue!

Love ..... Angel ...... Music .... Baby!!

Happy Birthday Nichol!! Yay she makes all these awesome little guys so we had a virtual party in honour of her!! :)

Been helping my buddy out today.. She seemed really low this morning. We all need a little hug sometimes don't we?? So to everyone out there having a bad day..feeling down or just needing to hear something nice.. This compliments for you ok??

Right! That is more than enough of my face! But to join in the fun go to the self portrait Thursday group on flickr

See you there ... Kitty xxx


Sasha said...

ohmystars I love shoosies! I also j'adore your suck creatures x I love Valanteenie xx

Sasha said...

oms! I mean sock not suck x

Lacey Bean said...

Cute blog! Love all the pink :)

°°Marsh-Mellow°° by B@ said...

How I love your photos! I am always attracted to everything that is "expression"! I can not tell you how I came to open your blog .... because I always happens when I click browse on the Internet like crazy everywhere!
But I will follow you with pleasure and sympathy from Italy! greeting! Barbara

Lens Based Fiction said...

Love your style and your blog, keep up the work lady :)