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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I love pillowmonsters!

Since I have been selling on etsy I have found some highly talented and interesting sellers. But once upon a time I found a shop called pillowmonsters, and low and behold I saw.....Victor!!

I love Victor!

With his lovely smart shirt, bow tie, his dashing mono brow and not to mention his lovely little freckly nose, in true internet dating style Victor came with this little bit of information..

Victor is the food critic for his local newspaper, The Beacon. He is not sure, but he thinks his job is the best in the whole world. He got the job because he is very good at thinking of interesting ways to describe food. He once described a cheeseburger from the local diner as tasting "like a summer day on my favorite roller coaster". Victor never passes up dessert, and he will never ever give a restaurant 5 stars if they don't have cherries to top off their sundaes. No, indeed. Victor also thinks that fashion rule about not wearing horizontal stripes if you have a heavy frame is ridiculous.

WOW!!! Now I'm sad to say that at 33 I have yet to meet Mr Right but something went PING in my heart over Victor! I decided he was the man for me, after all I needed some sophistication in my life!

Well a week or so later... This exciting parcel arrived!

The postman knocked!

Woooooooooooopie!!!! He had arrived! Come from overseas to sweep me off my feet!

Plushie LOVE!!!!

Already he was like no man I had ever met before, and was consulting the local restaurant guide for the perfect place to take his new PINK LADY!!! ME!!!!

Now where shall I take her?

So thank you so much to Nichol at pillowmonsters for creating a match made in heaven!!

Monday, 16 June 2008

Week in review

Whilst on my group joining spree of flickr I also found... Week in review! You make up a mosaic to sum up your week. I thought this would be interesting to see how my weeks would look in 13 pictures!

My first week...

Week in review 2-8 June 08 by KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

It was a fun week! :) Full of etsy goodies..scavenger hunts..stripey socks..clouds...journal's and a day trip!

Last week...

Week in review...KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

For me this week was all about...My new haircut, a trip to the park,knitted fruits (our stitch n bitch!) my maths test!! (I got 90% *dances!*) Cillian Murphy, My breakfast on pluto SPT, Buttons, Rainbow knitting, Wreck journal, World wide knit in public day, suprise monkey, the big tidy up and my book meme!!

Speaking of book meme's, here's mine...

My Book Meme 4...KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

1. Favorite author....Miranda July
2. Favorite book....The solitaire mystery
3. Favorite poem OR poet....Sylvia Plath
4. Favorite genre....Life
5. Favorite non-fiction category...Crafting
6. Favorite book as a child OR first book you remember from childhood.... The Twits
7. What book are you reading now?....No one deserves to be here more than you Miranda July
8. Favorite fictional character...Chi from Chobits! (my kind of books!)
9. Worst book you ever read...Cows in action (Couldn't think of a worst book that I had read because I usually give up! But reading to Noah I found cows in action very hard work !)
10. A book that changed your life.....Stupid sock creatures..John Murphy
11. A movie that's BETTER than the book...Vertigo
12. The most disappointing movie adaptation from a book (you know - you love the book and HATE the movie)...The cat in the hat

Oh and this weeks theme is photos..

My Photo Meme 4....KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

1. Screen name of person who introduced you to flickr...KiTTYPiNKSTaRS (I found it myself)
2. Brand of camera.... Olympus
3. Favorite shooting location...My pink candy house
4. First ever camera brand....Olympus
5. Favorite thing every photographed....My little boy
6. Title of most popular image in your Fickr account....SPT Thursday
7. Number of images in your photostream....1357
8. Location you would like to go to photograph....Japan
9. Celebrity you would like to photograph.....Cillian Murphy
10. Any image from first page of ;Your Contacts page.....
11. Name of group currently at the top of the list of "Groups you belong to ... Siamese cats
12. The first picture you ever posted..... Tutti frutti

Loving this one..Looks super PINK!! And do you think I will ever do a meme without including the luverly Cillian Murphy!!

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Kitty does Kitten..

Anyone who knows me, knows about my enormous crush on the luverly Cillian Murphy!!

And my favourite film is Breakfast on Pluto, in which he plays Kitten (Patrick Braden) an endearing, witty clever and deceptively tough young man who dresses as a woman..

So armed with my love of that movie, Cillian and my latest obsession with buttons, I created Thursdays self portrait. Inspired by Kitten's decorated school jumper!

My inspiration....


And 100g of buttons later, me....

Self Portrait Thursday 12-6-08

Loved how the picture turned out! And can't wait to wear my newly decorated jumper!!

The journal wrecking continues...

Well as you know I bought this journal to see if I could overcome the following obsessions..

1. Buying notebooks and journals and never using them. Keeping them in perfect condition.

2. Needing to have 2 of everything in case one gets damaged, I hate that so much :(

3. Wanting everything to be perfect!

So over the past 2 weeks I have done the following to my journal in this order...

1. Cracked the spine

2. Covered a page in circles

3. Covered a page in sticky stuff

4. Covered a page in office supplies

5. Burnt a page

6. Dripped nail varnish on a page

7. Picked the journal up without using hands

8. Ripped a page into strips

9. Infused a page with a smell of my choosing

10. Coloured outside the lines

11. Stuck 2 pages together

12. Doodled on a page

13. Poked holes in a page

14. Messed up the first page

15. Sewn a page

16. Doodled over a printed page

17. Scratched a page

18. Rubbed dirt into a page

19. Tore out and crumpled a page

20. Climbed up high and dropped the journal

Phew!!! I have overcome lots to get that far!!

Heres the photographic evidence so far.....

2 weeks of my wreck journal!!

The wrecking continues :)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

It's all about MeMe!

I decided to investigate flickr and join a few new groups, see whats going on in the big wide world...Firstly I came across the meme group!
This is basically making weekly mosaics to answer the questions in picture form!!
So with this in mind and armed with the questions.. I started the search, and here are my first ever 3 meme's..enjoy!!


My Meme 1....KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

1. What is your first name? Kitty
2. What is your favorite food? pancakes
3. What high school did you go to? Glenmoor Girls
4.What is your favorite colour? pink
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Cillian Murphy
6. Favorite drink? tea
7. Dream vacation? Japan
8. Favorite dessert? chocolate cake
9. What you want to be when you grow up? Owner of a funky wool shop
10. One Word to describe you. kooky
11. What do you love most in life? colour
12. Your flickr name. Kittypinkstars


My Music Meme 2.... KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

1. What's your favorite song?....Old devil moon
2. Favorite genre of music? (Classical, Jazz, Country, Pop...)... indie
3. Favorite musician (add singer/band to end if necessary)?...Bjork
4. What was the last song you listened to/are currently listening to? falling out of love..aqualung
5. What type of music do you dislike?
6. What instrument do you like to listen to the most?...guitar
7. What instrument do you most like to play (or would like to learn)?....guitar
8. Where do you go or what do you listen to when you're sad?....Counting Crows
9. What was the last concert or musical event you attended (add singer/band to end if necessary)?....Kings of Leon
10. What concert or musical event do you wish you could have attended? Or a performer you would have loved to have seen live?...The Doors
11. You and your sweetie, what's your 'song'? If you aren't paired off, what song do you think it might be?...strange and beautiful
12. What song gets stuck in your head the most? (For good or for bad...) Medicine...Time baby 3


My Movie Meme 3....KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

1. Favorite movie? Breakfast on Pluto
2. Favorite movie genre? Indie
3. Favorite actor? Johnny Depp
4. Favorite actress? Audrey Hepburn
5. What movie always makes you cry? The Notebook
6. What movie have you watched over & over & over?Vertigo
7. Worst move you ever saw? Waterworld
8. What was the last movie you watched? Sunshine
9. Most embarrasing favorite movie? Finian's Rainbow
10. Favorite cult movie?Breakfast at Tiffanys
11. Hottest actor or actress? Cillian Murphy
12. The actor or actress most people say you remind them of? Miranda July

So there you have it..A little bit more about what makes me tick, in picture form!!


Well my family would describe me as slightly obsessive about things! I have numerous empty journals and notebooks that I can't use for fear of ruining them! I buy 2 of everything I like so as to not spoil one, and I even take a picture of my bookshelves before I dust them so my toys all go back in the same place! Scared yet? The list of oddities could go on!

So to help me overcome these problems and have some fun whilst doing it, I bought myself a wreck journal!!

This is therapy....

1. Carry this with you EVERYWHERE you go!
2. Follow the instructions on every page.
3. Order is not important.
4. Instructions are open to interpretation.
5. Experiment! (Work against your better judgement!)

WARNING: During the process of this book you will get dirty. You may find yourself covered in paint,or any other number of foreign substances. You will get wet. You may be asked to do things you question. You may grieve for the perfect state that you found your book in. You may begin to see creative destruction everywhere. You may begin to live more recklessly!

Perfect condition...

Firstly...I carried it back and forwards in my bag to get used to it getting slightly bashed about!

Then I opened it at a random page..

Wreck this journal day 1..Crack the spine!!

And as instructed I....wait for it...hold your breath...cracked the spine!!!
Waaah! It nearly broke my heart to do it, but I made a good start!

Wreck this journal day 1

Anyway, after that totally out of character book bending, I chose a page that was more me... A doodling page. I had to cover the page with circles, here's the result..

Wreck this journal day 1 Fill this page with circles!!

Inspired by the lovely sunny day we ended up having down here!

Wow! I am already feeling slightly less controlled :) Not to mention excited for the weird and wonderful things this little book may have in store for me tomorrow!!