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Monday, 8 September 2008

More Journal Wrecking...

I've been continuing the big journal wreck over the summer holidays too..

So carrying on from where I left it last time here's what I've been up to now..

21. Doodle over the front cover

22. Tear out this page, put it through the wash and stick back in

23. Draw a non stop line

24. Close your eyes connect the dots

25. Scribble wildly, violently and with reckless abandon

26. Colour entire page

27. Write or draw with your left hand

28. This is a sign, what do you want it to say

29. Make a paper chain

30. Find a way to wear the journal

31. Write a list of more ways to wreck the journal

32. A page for four letter words

33. Draw lines with your pen or pencil, lick your finger smear the lines

34. Trace the things in your bag or pockets, let the lines overlap

35. Draw lines while in motion

36. Make a funnel, drink some water

37. Journal golf

38. Page for white things

39. Take this journal in the shower with you!

40. Doodle over the copyright and instruction pages

41. Add your own page numbers

42. Draw fat and thin lines

Woah! Journal wrecking part 2

WOW! The taking the journal in the shower part nearly killed me! AAAGH! I was really upset :( And it wasn't until the journal had completely dried out (4 days later!) That I discovered the magical patterns created by the rainbow of ink running through the pages! Prior to this discovery I had been beating myself up about I had wrecked the wrecking and totally destroyed it! But now I know it was meant to be! So what if the paper chain never made it through!! :/


GUGAW said...

wow, that is so brave of you...i dont think i would be able to take a book in the shower....!

Kala said...