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Monday, 8 September 2008

Knit tagging and guerilla fun!

So I decided to brighten up the place I live by tagging it in wool! Inspired by KNITTA a group in the USA who knit tag the city guerilla style, I decided to give it a go.

So my first attempt was at the local skate ramp...

Guerilla knitting

Noah and I walk past here nearly every day on our way to school, so what better way to brighten it up than a bit of rainbow knit!

Sadly....It wasn't long and it had vanished!

Spot check on our skate tag!

Next I decided to put one in Wareham forest. I go there for family walks regularly, so left one at the viewpoint where we sit and chill out!

Close up

I picked green so that it would fit in nicely with the surroundings..

Forest tagging

One outside our house, on the tree that Noah likes to climb..

Tagging Noah's tree

Give your favourite tree a hug with a wooly cuff!

Knitted tree cosy

Then to celebrate the last walk to school before the school holiday, we tagged TESCO in tesco colours...Red, white and blue!

Support your local store

After all, the trolley park needs love too..

So we decided to hit Tesco

After 6 weeks the Tesco tag is still going strong,check it out..

Checking on the tag!

Then we re tagged the skate ramp..

Skate park tagging! 2nd attempt!

Only to find 24 hours later they had done this....

The tag!

BAH!!!! Those pesky kids! Still they haven't found the sticker I left yet

The skate ramp

See I got a bumper pack of sharpie markers and have also been inspire by Keri Smith! She of the WRECK THIS JOURNAL To inject a little bit of thought, fun and smiles into peoples lives..

Starting with this..

Stop and smile


And chalk messages..

Fun with chalk

Whoops too late

Hello sunshine....

And finally.... Sweet messages

Message on the street

More of them to come! Well if one extra person stops and smiles it's gotta be worth it!


Alexandra said...

I love the idea of tagging. Spread the knitting love.

monkee maker said...

Oh my gosh - so much to catch up with!! This is such a brilliant idea! Well done to you and Noah trying to inject a little knitted love into your area.

It made me smile - you see?? It's worked already!


mrsb said...

Love, love, love this post! I can see I'm going to be going back through your pages for some time, reading! So awesome!

Becky said...

Holy Pink Lady :) I love your blog! I love all the knits around town! Silly people who ruined it :(

I'll be reading everyday now!

Anonymous said...

I love the fact you have knitted in random places, something i have wanted to do for a while too!