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Monday, 8 September 2008

Journal wrecking... Not much left now!

Here's the latest bit of my journal..
My colourful era..

43. This page is for handprints or fingerprints

44. Pour, spill, spit, fling your coffee

45. Document your dinner

46. Do some rubbings with a pencil

47. Write one word over and over

48. A page of good thoughts

49. Draw a really ugly drawing

50. Chew on this page

51. Glue in a random page from a magazine, circle words you like

52. Glue in a random page from a newspaper

53. Write with the pen in your mouth

54. Doodle over the following

55. Compost this page

56. Collect the stamps off all your mail

57. Wrap something with this page

58. Hide a secret message somewhere in the journal

59. Cut through several layers

60. Fill in this page when you are REALLY ANGRY

61. Tongue painting, lick this page

62. Page for internal monologue

63. Sleep with the journal, describe the experience

64. Lose this page, accept the loss

65. Document time passing

66. Sample various substances from around your home, create colour schemes

My journal wrecking part 3 .... My colourful era!

This has been so super ace for me! I'm re discovering my love of doodling and finding whole new ways to be creative! I love this journal!


monkee maker said...

Ok. I've done it. After looking at your fabulous pictures of your journal over at flickr (and here), I've ordered one for my sis and I!

Trouble is, I just don't have the artistic flair that you have .... maybe I could send you my journal and you could wreck it for me??!


Ally said...

i love your banner
your shoes are fabulous <333
and you make beautiful picyures

Illusio Creative said...

What a fantastic blog, love the colours and stuff, and the sock peep too.