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Friday, 26 September 2008

The final part

So here we have it.... The final part of my wreck journal...

Wreck this journal............... The final part!

67. Scrub this page
68. A place for shopping lists
69. Collect all the stickers off bought fruit
70. Close the journal, draw, scribble something round the edges
71. Draw with glue
72. Carry journal with you everywhere
73. Write backwards
74. Make vegetable prints
75. Make a mess, clean it up
76. Create a drawing using hair
77. Ask a friend to do something destructive to this page
78. Glue in a photo of yourself you dislike DEFACE
79. Space for negative comments
80. Give away favourite page
81. Document a boring event in detail
82. Collect your pocket lint
83. Make a sudden,destructive,unpredictable movement with the journal
84. Throw something, a pen, a ball dipped in paint
85. Draw lines using abnormal utensils dipped in paint
86. Fill in this page when you are really angry
87. Hang the journal in a public place, invite people to draw here
88. Tie a string to the spine of the journal and swing wildly. Let it hit the walls
89. Tie a string to the journal. Go for a walk, drag it
90. Scribble wildly using only borrowed pens
91. Press leaves and other pressed things
92. Stain log
93. Test page
94. Tape this journal closed. Mail it to yourself
95. Order a new one and see what arrives first
96. Oooh they both do
97. The final doodle

Am I ready for a new adventure?? HELL YEAH!!!!!

This has been so fantastic and I've discovered so much about myself whilst doing it!
I'm not quite ready to cope alone just yet! :)

1 comment:

Sneddonia said...

Oooh, I so want one of them :D I might beg my boy for one for Christmas :)