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Monday, 16 June 2008

Week in review

Whilst on my group joining spree of flickr I also found... Week in review! You make up a mosaic to sum up your week. I thought this would be interesting to see how my weeks would look in 13 pictures!

My first week...

Week in review 2-8 June 08 by KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

It was a fun week! :) Full of etsy goodies..scavenger hunts..stripey socks..clouds...journal's and a day trip!

Last week...

Week in review...KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

For me this week was all about...My new haircut, a trip to the park,knitted fruits (our stitch n bitch!) my maths test!! (I got 90% *dances!*) Cillian Murphy, My breakfast on pluto SPT, Buttons, Rainbow knitting, Wreck journal, World wide knit in public day, suprise monkey, the big tidy up and my book meme!!

Speaking of book meme's, here's mine...

My Book Meme 4...KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

1. Favorite author....Miranda July
2. Favorite book....The solitaire mystery
3. Favorite poem OR poet....Sylvia Plath
4. Favorite genre....Life
5. Favorite non-fiction category...Crafting
6. Favorite book as a child OR first book you remember from childhood.... The Twits
7. What book are you reading now?....No one deserves to be here more than you Miranda July
8. Favorite fictional character...Chi from Chobits! (my kind of books!)
9. Worst book you ever read...Cows in action (Couldn't think of a worst book that I had read because I usually give up! But reading to Noah I found cows in action very hard work !)
10. A book that changed your life.....Stupid sock creatures..John Murphy
11. A movie that's BETTER than the book...Vertigo
12. The most disappointing movie adaptation from a book (you know - you love the book and HATE the movie)...The cat in the hat

Oh and this weeks theme is photos..

My Photo Meme 4....KiTTYPiNKSTaRS

1. Screen name of person who introduced you to flickr...KiTTYPiNKSTaRS (I found it myself)
2. Brand of camera.... Olympus
3. Favorite shooting location...My pink candy house
4. First ever camera brand....Olympus
5. Favorite thing every photographed....My little boy
6. Title of most popular image in your Fickr account....SPT Thursday
7. Number of images in your photostream....1357
8. Location you would like to go to photograph....Japan
9. Celebrity you would like to photograph.....Cillian Murphy
10. Any image from first page of ;Your Contacts page.....
11. Name of group currently at the top of the list of "Groups you belong to ... Siamese cats
12. The first picture you ever posted..... Tutti frutti

Loving this one..Looks super PINK!! And do you think I will ever do a meme without including the luverly Cillian Murphy!!

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