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Sunday, 15 June 2008

Kitty does Kitten..

Anyone who knows me, knows about my enormous crush on the luverly Cillian Murphy!!

And my favourite film is Breakfast on Pluto, in which he plays Kitten (Patrick Braden) an endearing, witty clever and deceptively tough young man who dresses as a woman..

So armed with my love of that movie, Cillian and my latest obsession with buttons, I created Thursdays self portrait. Inspired by Kitten's decorated school jumper!

My inspiration....


And 100g of buttons later, me....

Self Portrait Thursday 12-6-08

Loved how the picture turned out! And can't wait to wear my newly decorated jumper!!


chaitee said...

so awesome!

what movie is that still from?

megan said...

wow - great jumper - might try that myself!

Monkee Maker said...

Top job on the jumper and journal wrecking!

I think you and Cillian Murphy would make a lovely couple - look, you already dress the same!