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Sunday, 15 June 2008

The journal wrecking continues...

Well as you know I bought this journal to see if I could overcome the following obsessions..

1. Buying notebooks and journals and never using them. Keeping them in perfect condition.

2. Needing to have 2 of everything in case one gets damaged, I hate that so much :(

3. Wanting everything to be perfect!

So over the past 2 weeks I have done the following to my journal in this order...

1. Cracked the spine

2. Covered a page in circles

3. Covered a page in sticky stuff

4. Covered a page in office supplies

5. Burnt a page

6. Dripped nail varnish on a page

7. Picked the journal up without using hands

8. Ripped a page into strips

9. Infused a page with a smell of my choosing

10. Coloured outside the lines

11. Stuck 2 pages together

12. Doodled on a page

13. Poked holes in a page

14. Messed up the first page

15. Sewn a page

16. Doodled over a printed page

17. Scratched a page

18. Rubbed dirt into a page

19. Tore out and crumpled a page

20. Climbed up high and dropped the journal

Phew!!! I have overcome lots to get that far!!

Heres the photographic evidence so far.....

2 weeks of my wreck journal!!

The wrecking continues :)


Jennifer Rose said...

wrecking the journal is coming along nicely! :D I love your socks in number 7 :)

Bea said...

Oh my, I can relate with number 1 and number 3. Much respect, not sure I am ready for journal wrecking ;-) You have inspired me though, I will work up to it!