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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

I love pillowmonsters!

Since I have been selling on etsy I have found some highly talented and interesting sellers. But once upon a time I found a shop called pillowmonsters, and low and behold I saw.....Victor!!

I love Victor!

With his lovely smart shirt, bow tie, his dashing mono brow and not to mention his lovely little freckly nose, in true internet dating style Victor came with this little bit of information..

Victor is the food critic for his local newspaper, The Beacon. He is not sure, but he thinks his job is the best in the whole world. He got the job because he is very good at thinking of interesting ways to describe food. He once described a cheeseburger from the local diner as tasting "like a summer day on my favorite roller coaster". Victor never passes up dessert, and he will never ever give a restaurant 5 stars if they don't have cherries to top off their sundaes. No, indeed. Victor also thinks that fashion rule about not wearing horizontal stripes if you have a heavy frame is ridiculous.

WOW!!! Now I'm sad to say that at 33 I have yet to meet Mr Right but something went PING in my heart over Victor! I decided he was the man for me, after all I needed some sophistication in my life!

Well a week or so later... This exciting parcel arrived!

The postman knocked!

Woooooooooooopie!!!! He had arrived! Come from overseas to sweep me off my feet!

Plushie LOVE!!!!

Already he was like no man I had ever met before, and was consulting the local restaurant guide for the perfect place to take his new PINK LADY!!! ME!!!!

Now where shall I take her?

So thank you so much to Nichol at pillowmonsters for creating a match made in heaven!!


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Presents said...

*looks at boyfriend, frowns, looks back*

Not fair! He's just so suave.