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Monday, 3 March 2008


My Nan taught me to knit many years ago. She made all my soft toys and was so clever at making really detailed plushes with tiny little insects etc, she never failed to amaze me! I am continuing my Nans work by making my knitted creatures! In the 80's at the height of neon, I asked her to make me some snazzy accessories in the most amazing neon wool.

My Nan made me these.....
80's me!!!
Amazing scarf!!
And FAB legwarmers!!
I had some matching gloves too but have yet to find the pictures!!
Anyway my point behind this little trip down memory lane is that I have just finished my own creation in neon yarn....
Neon 80's day!!
Meet Fizzy!! My tribute to the 80's!
Made for the February UK Etsy challenge..Theme sweets from your childhood!
And boy did I love REFRESHERS!!!!

This one loves...Hugs,80's retro,Charlie and the chocolate factory,hugs,bedtime stories,sunshine,legwarmers and SWEETS!!! Lots of them! Fizzy loves sweets..especially refreshers and it's little knitted refreshers pillow!

Not so keen on trips to the dentist or the dark!


Siansburys said...

Hahahaha, yay! Your nan's knitting ROCKS!! :D

cutedesigns said...

Heehee, I love that Refreshers creature and it's cool you were taught by your nan. :)

KMCdesigns said...

I LOVE those legwarmers!! My nan or gran couldn't knit, but my mam did, and she never made anything that cool!! I love the refreashers creature too, and the 80's is the inspiration for my next challenge entry ;) (dont tell anyone!)

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