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Thursday, 27 March 2008

Over the rainbow

I created Rainbow last year as part of my UK etsy challenge..clouds!
I also made cloudy..
CLouDY!!!(uk etsy august challenge - clouds)
However at 3ft tall, he was always a bit big to take on day trips!! :(
Rainbow however has been on trips to the beach...
RaiNBoW oN THe BeaCH!!
Visits to the forest..
If you go down to the woods today!
And he's even just hung around with me in the garden..
Say cheese!!
He's become like one of the family! However we only ever foster them here, we know they need to go on to new homes! Nevertheless...imagine my surprise after ALL these months when I came home yesterday to find Rainbow had been adopted!!!
He's off to Glasgow!
So of course Noah (the companys chief hugger) had to get to work...

He LOVES his job!!!

And then I had to get the big guy all bubbled up for the journey!!

Then we went on a sunny spring stroll to the post office to send him on his way!
We marked this occasion by shopping for Rainbow Drops!Sweeeeeeeeeeets!!
And we had a rainbow feast as a homage to our friend Rainbow! May he have many more adventures in his new home!!
Rainbow Drops

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter

Well it's been an egg filled week of fun! Firstly the Mums were invited into school to help our little buddies make Easter hats for the parade. Noah wore my pink bunny hat in class to give him good ideas!! It worked, he made this...
Easter bonnet!!

Then we had egg rolling!! Hold your noses...180 children means 180 hard boiled eggs. All cracked at the bottom of the hill! PHEW!!
Followed by the Easter parade..

My special easter card!!
He made me this fantastic card!!
Special card..inside!!
And nearly exploded with excitement about the whole Easter experience!

He woke me up at 4am and then again at 6! He'd found this....

A note from the easter bunny!!!
"Look Mummy" he said "The easter bunny has writing like YOU!!! Wow you must be the easter bunnies twin!!"

Happy Easter from ME!!!
Maybe he's right??? After all, the resemblance is remarkable!!!

But as for the writing....I disguised it and everything!! BAH!!

The MAP!!!
He studied the map...

And found the booty!!

What an eggciting adventure
He got a new space hopper too! After the cats had slashed his last easter hopper, leaving a pvc puddle on the floor!!

BOINNNNNG!! Check out the face!
We bought each other egg shaped pressies Tamagotchi familitchi's!! WOW GREAT MINDS!!!
Egg shaped pressies!!
And I got Noah new mugs!

Very kawaii :D
As for me....Well I got a PINK egg of course!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!
My pink egg!!!
Happy Easter everyone!!!

Sunday, 16 March 2008

My Nan

Today is my Nan's birthday! Though sadly she passed away in 2001, just before Noah was born. Had she still been alive today she would have been celebrating her 86th!

My Nan is my big inspiration for all my knitting and creating! She made all the soft toys for me and my brother when we were small. This made me realise the big importance of handmade toys which has led to Noah having his own handmade plush collection!

Nan knitted all through her life, right up until her arthritis got so bad that she couldn't manage it any more. She was a big jane Greenhowe fan and would love to knit tiny little details on dolls and strange things! I inherited this, along with...
Being an advertisers dream (falling for every ad I see!)
Big love of super bright colours and being different ( Nan had a rainbow collection of bright cardies and wasn't worried what people thought)
Gardening ( I still have her special tree in my garden that flowers yellow every spring)
And biting my nails! (oops, Nan did it so it's ok!??)

So to celebrate my Nan's birthday I am remembering her by...
Knitting little bunny brooches....
Easter bunnies!
Looking through all her old patterns....
Flicking through old photo albums...
Me and Nan
Me and my Nan..Sandbanks beach!
Me and nan
And cuddling up to Norman...
My Nan knitted Norman the fox for me! He went on all my brownie and guide camps! He's very fond of the outdoor life :D
He was always flat! But made flatter with LOVE!!!
Thinking of you always Nan and all my knitting is for you! Carrying on your knitting and hoping to live up to your creative standard whilst bringing it into the future! Thanks for everything and Happy Birthday!!

Saturday, 15 March 2008

The cat in the hat

World book day at school had to be celebrated in style this year. The children were invited to dress as one of their favourite storybook characters!!

Noah has inherited my big love of Dr. Seuss..(Alot of my knitted strangeness is inspired by his stories!) So his first choice was...The Grinch!! And in full Noah style he wanted to be head to toe in green body paint wearing only his undies! Thankfully I managed to talk him out of that one, explaining that not only was it a very chilly March, but that he would be rather exposed!! After discussing green fake fur (too itchy!!) He decided on The cat in the hat!!!

This led to another exciting trip to my favourite fabric and craft store...
Where I bought this

plenty of fleece! And orange for the grumpy fish!!!!

And after a busy weekend, I had made this..

We spent an evening testing out face paints...Noah had always been freaked out by them before, but he seemed to get in the swing of it and gave me a makeover!!

Then the big day arrived......

He walked to school in character, minus the hat though because it was windy!

On the swings on the way to school.....

Oh and as for Mummy! Well when you have my wardrobe every day is fancy dress!!
So I did lunch duty in easter bunny style..

After all if you can't beat them join them!
Oh and the update on World Book day!!! Noah came second in the most creative costume competition! According to the teachers he certainly knows how to work it!! :D The oompa loompa won though! :/

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

I got tagged!!

Right... I got tagged by KMC Designs

Rules are;
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. 2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here you have 7 random Kitty facts!!

1 I am terrified of catterpillars! So badly that I run indoors with the cats,locking
the doors behind me! As if the catterpillar could open the door :/

2 I cannot swallow dried fruit!! :( I blame that rotten old dinner lady who stood over me when I was forced to eat the horrible spotted dick!!

3 I am slightly number dyslexic! If a hot shaggy guy gives me his phone number but doesn't write it down I am sure to be spending the next few months trying to work out which order the numbers go!

4 I bite my nails like a masochist!

5 I am obsessed with kawaii! And have a great big collection of hello kitty and clothes and hats with animal ears!

6 I chop my hair when I'm down!

7 My ideal man is a gingerbread one! :)


Haha right now I am gonna tag......
Bizzybee trinkets
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The nutty knitter

Monday, 3 March 2008


My Nan taught me to knit many years ago. She made all my soft toys and was so clever at making really detailed plushes with tiny little insects etc, she never failed to amaze me! I am continuing my Nans work by making my knitted creatures! In the 80's at the height of neon, I asked her to make me some snazzy accessories in the most amazing neon wool.

My Nan made me these.....
80's me!!!
Amazing scarf!!
And FAB legwarmers!!
I had some matching gloves too but have yet to find the pictures!!
Anyway my point behind this little trip down memory lane is that I have just finished my own creation in neon yarn....
Neon 80's day!!
Meet Fizzy!! My tribute to the 80's!
Made for the February UK Etsy challenge..Theme sweets from your childhood!
And boy did I love REFRESHERS!!!!

This one loves...Hugs,80's retro,Charlie and the chocolate factory,hugs,bedtime stories,sunshine,legwarmers and SWEETS!!! Lots of them! Fizzy loves sweets..especially refreshers and it's little knitted refreshers pillow!

Not so keen on trips to the dentist or the dark!

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Mothers day!

I've made some stupid mistakes in my life so far, and wasted my time with people and things I needn't have bothered with! But the best day of my adult life was the day I became a Mum!!!

And at 6.45 this morning my special little man ran in to present me with ....

This fantastic card!!!

Not to mention all these goodies....

Although I suspect Nana had something to do with these too, as he insisted he hadn't been out on his own!! :D

Then he helped me with some gardening! Spring plants from Grandad's allotment!

Thanks for being the best little 6.5 year old a Mummy could wish for!!!

I went to my favourite etsy shop for my Mum's mothers day present!And she was over the moooooooon!!! :D

Happy mothers day Mum!!!

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!