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Thursday, 21 February 2008

Sweet nostalgia

Well as soon as sweets from your childhood was picked out of the uk etsy challenge box, I knew it would involve some really intense research! So the first thing I did was get online to .Wow you gotta go and check them out! It's like Willy Wonka's factory!!!

Get ready to drool guys....Here it is..
Retro sweets delivery!!!
The retro sweeties stash!!!
Containing pink mushrooms,strawberry fangs,BIG cola bottles (Fizzy and non fizzy)And flying saucers!!!!!
Pink mushrooms and strawberry fangs!!
Respect the Mojo!!!
Gotta respect the Mojo!!!
And Noah's new favourite...
Remember popping candy??
Fizz Wizz!!

There's no stopping him now!!!!
But as already decided the first sweets that came to mind were Refreshers!!
Sweets from my childhood!!
Because A) I love love loved them!!! And B) Because I can knit in super snazzy colours my entry for the challenge!!!! :)
Crafting 365 day 51
So watch this space!
In the meantime I'm back to knit one eat one...


Siansburys said...

mmmm yum! ps love your new banner :D xx

cutedesigns said...

I used to love Fizz Whiz! The thought of it now is eugh but back then it was fun. :D

Kala said...

we had space dust - awesome!!

susan booth said...

wow thats brilliant! i love the sherbets, flying saucers and pineapple rock, i bet you had great fun 'testing' the products. I found a cool site that also sells retro sweets here. Isnt it amazing how smells and tastes take you back to your tooth, there must be something scientific in that - Geeks do a study! hehe