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Sunday, 24 February 2008

Socks Rock

A long time ago I sat in my little pink house watching tv with a spotty sock in hand and created this..
This was one of the first ice creamies! And when adopted she left Planet sock to become Bo Pepper the ROCK SOCK!!!

After this video which appeared on MTV and Perez Hilton, she went on to several live appearances and videos including..

also this Christmas one..

Bo Pepper can be found hanging around on mic stands in the UK at a venue near you!!

In the following creamies changed shape and the old style was left behind!
New ice creamies!!
Thats evolution after all!!
But I had a custom order for an old style ice creamie AKA Bo Pepper.I have very few of those socks left so in a limited edition kind of way I created this one..

Meet Gretchen...She's the little sister of Bo Pepper and just loves music and dreams of one day being just like Bo! She loves singing and dancing and playing air guitar with her knitted ice lolly (which is also a badge!)

Sockin rockin out!!
Air Guitar ROCKIN OUT!!!!

Oh and not forgetting my chief hugger..Noah!!
Pre loaded with hugs!!
Every creature gets pre loaded with hugs before it leaves to go to it's new home...
Crafting 365 day 49
I only have 8 socks left to make 8 more creatures, so unless I find any more these are very limited edition.If you think you could give a home to a rock sock please pop over to and make an order!!


KMCdesigns said...

Those videos are awesome!

cutedesigns said...

Awwwww.......... it's all so cute! :D

Tizzalicious said...

Ah, they're all so cute!