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Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Well here it is another year!!

Yes I sat up to welcome the new year in, with 4 cats a DVD and a bowl of Christmas pretzels! Me and you and everyone we know was the DVD...I love Miranda July, she's my hero! I was inspired to greet 2008 with a greeting in snack form!!

Miranda July is my hero!!

Then I got to thinking about those new year resolutions, and more importantly whether to make any?
Maybe I should try for the 30th year to actually stop biting my nails!!

I made a tiny start on the 365 freeform knitting project I wanted to do this year. Based around all the walks I take with my little Noah!

Starting with todays wander down the beach!!

Freezing cold beach day
The dark side
Happy new year's day walk
The sunny side.

I'm planning to knit a bit each day and see how it turns out, so keep your eyes peeled! Hopefully I will have something really special by the end of the year!!

(Freeform knitting...fibre-based craft crochet or knitting done without patterns, multi-directional often mutli-colored/coloured with a great variation of stitches and techniques often incorporating beads, ribbon and any other items!)

Here's the very start....
365 Freeform knitting day 1

As for the resolutions....Well I'm fairly happy so I guess I don't want to change too much. I still want to daydream and continue falling in love 100 times a day! Want to keep knitting sweetie trees and candy grass until I have a magic land made for my creatures.

But I must plan ahead...Organise...Spend less and make more!! And learn to crochet!!! I must learn to crochet in 2008!!

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