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Friday, 11 January 2008

New stuff

The weathers been so miserable that I've been busy crafting away...
Made Belinda....

Belinda is a super soft and fuzzy Fuzzbee!!
Belinda and Tina!!!
She loves...New seasons..especially spring,flowers,doing crosswords,and reading funny stories about animals,she also enjoys birdwatching....Usually she watches her best birdie friend..Tina the bluebird, so she's looking for a nice new home that will also accomodate Tina the knitted bluebird!!

A super sweetie...
Super Sweetie

And a mini candy tree...
Crafting 365 day 10
If you ever worry about giving your heart away to the wrong one, don't panic..You get 6 chances to get it right with this one!! 6 heart lolly pins!

All available from my etsy shop

As for the freeform knitting..Look how it's doing!!

Freeform day 8 of 365
This was day 8!! :)

1 comment:

Knitting Up North said...

I love the mini candy tree! It's so cute!