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Thursday, 6 December 2007

Ho Ho Ho!!

Here's my latest creation! My alternative version of Santa...Kittypinkstars style!!


Knitted from my very own pattern!!


With unique kittypinkstars style santa hat ears, complete with pompoms!! And knitted beard!!

This one loves...CHRISTMAS!! Egg nog,Reindeer,Snow,Snowmen, good children,Christmas trees,giving presents,hugs by the fireside and mince pies...especially its little knitted one!!

Not so keen on naughty children or sub standard toy making!!

100% wool!! Yep this one is fully knitted...No socks were harmed in the making of this creature!!

59cm from the tips of its festive ears right down its super santa body to its big old feet!! 36cm round the tummy! He's a slimline santa!!!

Looking for a really happy good home to celebrate the festive season in! He wont even eat your mince pies,he'll bring his own!!


Needing a good home!! Check him out on etsy.

Late NEWS FLASH!!!! Santa creature was adopted in time for Christmas and given a good home by the lovely Knithappens! Check out her FAB stuff here

1 comment:

Rhian said...

I want ALL your creatures.....xxxxx