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Sunday, 5 July 2015

30 days wild

Hey! Remember me? 
Well I KNOW its been a while but life just gets so busy that my blog sadly always suffers first.

Anyway I thought I'd come back to tell you about MY experience of the 30 days wild project!

For those of you who aren't familiar with it I'll just give you a catchup..

Well.. 30 Days Wild was a project run by The Wildlife Trusts 
for people to make room for nature every day for 30 days in June!

Well if you know me, you know I pretty much live wild.. Haha I spend 3 hours at least every day in nature.. I'm always on adventures with my little furry sidekick Tiny, and I make mosaics of 4 photos of my adventures every day.. 

But I thought it would still be fun to see what fun I could get up to.. 
Using some of the suggestions and some of my own.

So here goes...

Take it slow....

I had been feeling stressed and I suffer from anxiety at the best of I decided to take everything slow with a snail!


I took time out to lay in the grass and just enjoy the flowers and birdsong

Say hello to the moon...

Watching the moon rise is very calming... We're usually too busy to say hello to Mr Moon!

Hang out in a wild dwelling....

Tiny loves these little dens.. This one was the perfect size  for him!

Get dirty...

I've always been a tomboy in frills.. Never scared to get my hands dirty for an adventure!

Play in the rain...

I don't even own an umbrella.. Haha who else just loves the rain on a warm Summers day!?

Exercise in nature...

I've been running around my heath to get fit and enjoy the space. I collect spirit stones and found this special spearhead one on one of my runs!


Sitting by the lake is one of the best ways for me to recharge and clear my head.. It's great to reflect there, oh and the reflection itself is always amazing!


I ALWAYS fill my bag with the things I find, whether it be stones.. shells.. flowers or sticks.
I just can't leave things that catch my eye. My shelves are like a mini nature museum! And my new hobby is to see how things dry naturally!

Switch off...

Yep! I went the full 24 hours....


We did! We thought we'd be gagging to jump back into the internet world but.. NO! We enjoyed it so much we're going for 48 hours from tonight!

Go barefoot in the grass...

A great way to truly connect with the planet

Hug a tree...

It feels so powerful to hug a tree.. Like spending time with a wise old man!

Make wishes...

Always.. I am fascinated by dandelions. I take so many photos of them.. And I'm always wishing!

Enjoy the silence...

Make a cup of tea... Sit outside quietly before your day really starts and just listen to the birds. You will feel instantly better, even if it's a Monday!

Find beauty in suburbia...

I always love to see this.. It's like the ultimate in strength.. Like nothing can stop me!

Watch little worlds beneath our feet...

You'll be amazed. Bugs.. the tiniest flowers.. Fungi.. It's a fascinating world in miniature!

Climb a tree...

Haha YAY! I found the PERFECT tree for this! 

Look harder... Find things you may have missed before....

Tiny and I have been watching the turtle on the lake.. And we saw a buzzard and a low flying stork! COOL!

Find messages in nature...

Love! What messages do you find when you need them?

Enjoy a sunset...

One of my favourite things about Summer...

Watch the waves...

I feel so happy on an empty beach in the evening... The waves are so peaceful to watch and listen to!

Discover things rarely spotted...

The beach was full of washed up jellyfish.. Sad but amazing to see up close..

Take the tricky route... Push yourself

Yep Tiny and I have been travelling over all the streams the difficult way.. Building our own bridges and pushing my anxiety!

Find a new wild space adventure...

Now like I said.. I live so near to the beach and the heath that this wild life is a daily thing for me really... BUT we found 2 new paths... So exciting!

Wear flowers in your hair..

Every day! In the Autumn I'll wear pine cones!

Make art from your nature treasure...

Some of the goodies I found and made art from!

Learn to identify...

We see flowers every day but do we really take in what they are? 
I have been learning to identify and loving it!

Get fascinated...

There's so much to learn... And lately I am mostly excited about ladybird larvae!

Chase the clouds...

I ADORE clouds.. Seeing pictures in them and just watching them move and change.
Just look up!

Make art... Leave something natural for others...

So much fun to find something like this isn't it? 
So go on build a little bit of fun for someone else to find!

Well there it is... My 30 days wild!

If you'd like to see more of my wild life just pop over to instagram and follow me on there!

And if YOU took part please leave a comment so i can come see!

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Tell me something Thursday

Hey guys.. Ok so I know this week is all messed up but I've been working away whilst wrapped up warm drinking tea... Christmas is ALWAYS busy but this year!!! EEEEEK!

Anyway.. Who else has a hat to match their tea cosy!??

Oh just me then! Haha.. 

Ok.. Moving swiftly on.. Back to the list

Today is number 18.. A problem I've had..

Well my biggest problem would have to be my anxiety!

You see I could easily be a bit of a hermit.. Before I had Noah I spent a good 2 years agoraphobic and was terrified of my own shadow! Sober situations were horrendous for me.. Even travelling on a bus!

 I'm still ever so shy until I know you... And even then I get so worked up in ANY social situations it's scary!

I live in a bubble.. When I leave the house I take the bubble with me.. I've never quite felt that I fit in and just find it easier to keep to myself and keep people at a distance!

I draw and create the ideas that fill my imagination.. And can seriously never ever imagine running out of ideas!! 

I'm not sure how much of a problem it is these days.. I cycle rather than bus..Or walk to my ipod soundtrack.. I take photos as I go and just enjoy the world around me.. Still avoiding people as much as possible though!

Parties.. Pubs..Social events.. They're a no go for me.. I just don't enjoy them and refuse to drink just to have a good time.. For me real enjoyment is being me, no matter how strange people may thing that is!

I have a whole create yourself happy list which I blogged about here

And I'm happy! So those fears and boundaries can just stay there for now..  

I don't need to prove anything.. I just need to enjoy what I do!

So there you go.. My problem.. But I guess I just embrace that funny side of me and keep going!

Thanks for stopping by guys...

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

Sticker Sunday


This week I took a bit of time out to work on one of my new Christmas characters..

Kitty's lil snow boy and girl!

I made these hoops.... Available in my Etsy shop HERE

And this weeks stickers....
 I am so excited about these guys... Christmas isn't really my big thing but these little snow boys and girls are REALLY helping me get into the festive spirit!

I adore snowmen.. And I love creating new characters!

I have 4 packs of these stickers to give away.. Each candy coloured polka dot bag will contain 12 stickers (2 of each design!)

So to be in for a chance of winning all YOU need to do is tell us what your snow creature would be!?

A cat? A monster? Its up to you!!

And maybe while you're here..Please pop by one of my other blogs.. Eeek I've been so slow I've had to blog all morning to try and catch up!

Winners will be picked tomorrow afternoon at 12pm GMT..

Good luck guys... And thanks for stopping by!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx

The week in review

Late.. AGAIN! SORRY!!!

2013 I will be SO much more organised..Promise!

Well that was a blink and you miss it week.. Probably just as well as it felt like a bit of a funny one! BUT I still managed to squeeze in lots of creativity and craziness... Rain..Awesome mail from a fab friend..Christmas wookies.. Doodles... Walter.. A breakfast date... A happy kit .. Wrap up warm animals and lots of general silliness!!

LOTS of rain...

But that was ok.. It just made it cosier to wrap up and create stuff...

Christmas aceo cards.

Christmas wookies

And FINALLY November happy kits...


WOW! Check this out... A fantastic present from an overseas friend!

She saw this hamster of happiness book and thought it was simply made for me!!

It's SO full of happy.. Crammed onto EVERY page!

And Walty likes it too...

But then he is a happy hamster!!

Other mail was my new vintage dress of the week...

Perfect fabric!

Then I had a little treat... A breakfast date with my Jacob!


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

And Walty's starting to panic!

WHAT!???? lol

Happy new weeks guys.. Thanks for stopping by!

Love and rainbows Kitty xxx